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The world is busy. Who is not busy? May you laugh and be busy and seek the joy of life.


This season"s flowers are particularly beautiful, you know, that"s because I am watering with emotion only waiting for your birthday to give you, I hope you like it.


Finally you have to go, say to go very far away to read a book about very far away. I"m not surprised, it should be.


When we were apart, we did not linger in tears. Look at the sunset through the spire of Wenfeng, and sprinkle its afterglow on the West Bank.


Friends, let me gently say hello, although life inevitably gathered and scattered, but you are my heart, the most cherished and unforgettable friend.


Congratulations on your promotion. Now you won"t be jealous anymore.


Everything is to be reunited temporarily, all regrets are to be fulfilled, everything that seems to be isolated can not be separated.


I will miss and miss the birds flying wings, bring you warm greetings, let the heart leave eternal joy.


The height of a fountain will not exceed its source; so will a man"s career, and his achievements will never exceed his convictions.


My heart and soul are my deep thoughts and blessings. May warmth and joy always be with you.


Think of our deskmate. After the college entrance examination, we went our separate ways. Classmate, future is precious!


Blessing is an umbrella, it can accompany you through rainy days. A message, a blessing, let you happy every day! I wish you a happy weekend!


We had to part and say goodbye softly, thanking you for giving me a deep friendship.


A sincere wish brings you boundless hope and happiness in the future.


A talented person, without self-confidence, is like a match without a matchbox and never wants to spark.


The body is the capital of revolution. Pay attention to work and rest. Do not be tired. Remember our appointment, contact more!


There is no love in the world, just like there is no sun. May our love last forever and make our lives bright.


You are the author of your life. Why do you write the script so hard? Good night, good friend!


The long road, you and I meet, cherish the rare fate of the past, silent blessing, relatives greetings, each other take care of the present.


I wish all the beautiful flowers in the world bloom in the warm season, embellished in your happy moments.


It"s cold. Remember to put on your clothes. Think about your old friends. Have a good day and have a good time.


A good friend is heard in the light. If you see friends, you never forget your friends.


The green lawn, the lingering music, my dear friend, can you hear my beating heart?


Piggy, it"s late and late. Are you asleep? I also entered the warm quilt, good dream, good night!


We have to believe that everything will be good at last. If it is not good, the explanation is not yet final. Hello, good morning!


Today I am far away, folding the yesterday you gave me into a boat of memory, and letting it float on the ocean of yearning.


Spring breeze is like a dream, the wind has no trace, only for the heart"s thoughts, send a deep blessing.


I silently picked the golden cinnamon twigs in the full moon, weaving a lovesick dream, sent to you from afar.


The sunset gives you a ride, and the wind sends you away, leaving behind the rosy clouds and the late sky. When did you return, the moon and the windows were both shadows?


Ah, the sweet morning breeze has blown away my sweet dreams, and it has blown them to your heart?


Don"t be afraid of people"s words, I would like to share with you the joys and sorrows, common hardships, in the revitalization of our common cause in the pursuit of a better tomorrow!


Friends are friends, friends, and friends. Friends, please contact more often when you have time.


Business is the link between us. May our business flourish and the flowers of friendship blossom with it.


May the fragrance of flowers bring you warmth and happiness.


Health Prescription: The best prescription is optimism, the best treatment is prevention, the best exercise is running, and the best doctor is a friend.


One kiss to send you roses, two kisses to your home, three kisses to Java, I am a big fool in love, love you will never change!


Years go by, the true love is there; a hundred miles apart, but the separation is continuous; the night is long, the stars shine; sincere prayer, left and right company.


With your sincere benevolence and versatility, even if you are far away from home, wandering around the world, why can"t you find a bosom friend?


The flowers are whispering, what are they talking about? Yes, bless you!


The road is far away, the heart is long, hurt to leave, why sigh; The wind is clear, the night is long, look forward to your arrival, do not sleep.


Missing is the fragrance of a season. Across the valley. Enveloping you and me, blessings are boundless concerns. Overflow your eyes, flow into the bottom of your heart!


The summer is hot, the blessing is not reduced; drinking a cup of tea, moistening the heart, exercising and exercising. I wish you happiness and happiness.


Parting, a bit difficult to give up, but not disappointed; a little regret, but not pessimistic. Because the hope of meeting is comforting.


At home Shun, Shun Shun, heart Shun Shun, career and future, Shun Shun.


Good luck, wealth and health; let the beautiful sunrise, clouds, sunset fly into your life together, this is my wish!


Your skin is a five-line spectrum, my lipstick is a symbol of love; I want to compose an unforgettable song to make you happy forever.



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