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While your body is very good, but qu yuan said: more physical activity, less play mahjong, can eat dumplings, health every day.


Turn off your cell phone, slowly close your eyes and think of me, think of the dumplings, you will find me as lovely and rice dumplings.


Home is really fun. The Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat racing, scrambling, good lively! Together to have a happy Dragon Boat Festival!


Dragon boat arrived, don"t forget to hang mugwort, doors, drinking rice wine, sweet bursa, of course the most important, is to eat more rice dumplings.


Dragon boat unicom, mobile, zongzi PHS, friends blessing telecom. Information age, information contact, happy Dragon Boat Festival.


Float everywhere filled with the fragrance of rice dumplings, rice dumplings incense in the distance you can smell the hometown, also like some dumplings, today have a happy Dragon Boat Festival together!


I am leaf you are rice, I want to wrap your affection, colorful silk threads I around you, a line took me and you, and for love together jump pot, who know each other fall in love with you and I.


I"m from mountains, with reed leaves package. Ice in the freezer, waiting for the holiday. See three times a day, thin see calendar. Dragon Boat Festival is still also wait for.


The Dragon Boat Festival arrived, your body is very strong, but qu yuan said: more physical exercise, less play mahjong, can eat dumplings, appetite good, eat joss-stick, health every day.


Dragon Boat Festival arrived, thousands of words into the blessings of this message, my keys to knock down a line of blessing, my dear friends, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!


Homemade a few jins of zongzi, passed to the mountain picked moxa leaf, street bought a bottle of realgar wine, coupled with deep inside how much concern, as a gift to you, wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy!


Smelling the dumplings incense, missing float of the dragon, you and I are hundreds of miles apart, in the Dragon Boat Festival is more like you! Because I want to share with you happy Dragon Boat Festival. I wish you a happy than I!


I send you a back garden, the garden is planted tree of wisdom, the flow is the lotus spring, is comfortable flower, is a lucky bridge, wish good luck good mood, happy Dragon Boat Festival.


The Dragon Boat Festival, I wish also to! I use the simplest words, send to me the most simple blessing, may is always happy, you look at the messages at this time the Dragon Boat Festival is happy!


With a healthy mung beans, peanuts, a happy a beautiful red beans, a happy seasoning, wrapped into a happy dumplings given to you, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.


I didn"t also the Dragon Boat Festival to, what gave you, I put in my pocket all the change in Angle and send to you, someone humiliate you, take the steel up to hit him, let him know that rich man"s fierce!


I give you a good luck reed, meters inside the parcel health, good luck to eggs, mushroom, happy shrimp, macrobian flower, lucky chestnut, if you receive will be a good fortune. Dragon Boat Festival is happy!


What is geographically reed, sugar in the meat, glutinous rice stick red jujube sweet, palm leaf wrapped in friends, eggs with mugwort cook, safe and healthy life forever. I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival.


Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, sweet and sweet, send SMS blessing hearts; Dragon Boat Festival dumplings sticky sticky again, happy life did not finish; Dragon Boat Festival dumplings filled with full again, I wish you a wonderful life every day. I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!


The Dragon Boat Festival, every family hangs up the doors of like, hung up the moxa calamus, dragon boat racing, eating zongzi, drink realgar wine, swim all ills, her sweet bursa, for he feels ashamed. Home is really fun!


In caring for the family more thick, let our friendship deeper in the care, let the mood more static in honesty, to make life even more beautiful in the simple, in wish for a better tomorrow! I wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!


The Dragon Boat Festival, rice dumplings, I put my good luck have fun in the rice dumplings, put happiness in the rice dumplings, put health in the rice dumplings, all feed into your mouth, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.


Like a language, is the wind blows the rain, appreciation of a picture, the star is illumined ornament, intoxicated with a breath, is diffuse incense orchid, best wishes to my friends, happy Dragon Boat Festival.


Dragon Boat Festival is coming, wish you: dream "noon" life, not lucky "noon", no moment when happiness "noon"; Wonderful "noon", "afternoon" than happiness. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!


A cage and sweet zongzi, a ray of light faint scent, with deep feeling of blessing, a year of love miss, life the sincerity friend. The Dragon Boat Festival arrived, wish your festival happiness, the family well-being!


People still, still, to the Dragon Boat Festival; Want to or not, forget, just greetings; Idle, busy, happy; Today is good, Ming better, sincerely wish: happy Dragon Boat Festival!


Your clothes clean environmental protection, the glittering and translucent, white and smooth skin, soft body inner rich and colorful, shapely, angular, smell fragrant. I really like you, dear rice dumplings!


Light reed Ye Xiang, thick friends love, is just wire connection, and easily lead, good mood with the fragrance of rice dumplings to good friends, I wish you smile, good luck, happy Dragon Boat Festival!


Boiled dumplings folk prescription: the Dragon Boat Festival will first after the water boiling add the rice dumplings, and ensure the zongzi is completely under water touch; Boil again with boiling again after three hours; In the process of cooking reed don"t add water.



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